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The top tech need on the mind of most Americans isn't sharper televisions or smarter watches; its better battery life. In a new Fortune report interviewing President of Vorbeck Materials, John Lettow, we learn that fully charging a smartphone in ten minutes flat is only about two years away. Here's to hoping that Apple is working with this company or has a similar plan on the drawing board in their secret lab, because this kind of battery breakthrough could be a game changer for the industry.


The Fortune report notes that "The revolutionary process is called "Graphene." Graphene is being touted as the next "it" material and companies like Vorbeck Materials hope it will cut lithium battery weight and recharging times."


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According to Vorbeck, the potential of graphene is not theoretical, it's tangible, you can see it in the solutions that they're engineering to solve real-world problems, and in the groundbreaking products that they're bringing to market with their partners all over the world. Today Graphene is showing up in wearables and more is on the way.


Beyond batteries, we noted in a previous report from MIT that graphene is the thinnest known material, which conducts electricity far better than copper, is at least 100 times stronger than steel, and has unique optical properties. MIT noted that important future uses include the development of fast, flexible and strong consumer electronics and bendable personal communication devices. The latter is interesting of course being that Apple was just granted a patent for bendable devices yesterday.


In the end, charging an iDevice in ten minutes flat sounds like a winning feature to me. Yes, I'm sure that you're all bobbing your heads in agreement on this one. 


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