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Here's an interesting gift idea for next year. It's a smart traveller's carry-on suitcase that called a Bluesmart. It's a high-quality case that a user can control from their iPhone. From the app a user can lock and unlock it, weigh it, track its location, be notified if they're leaving it behind and more. More importantly perhaps, is that the owner will be able to charge their phone 6 times over with its built-in battery.


Bluesmart's app also offers real-time reports, trends, and data from trips, including things like distance traveled, time spent abroad, and airports visited. What will airport security make of all the built-in electronics? The electronic lock, which notifies the owner whenever someone opens the suitcase, is Transportation Security Administration-approved; this means the suitcase can be checked in, because the TSA owns a universal key to unlock it for inspection. The built-in battery also complies with Federal Aviation Authority and TSA regulations; Bluesmart uses a 37-watt lithium ion battery.



The company says it has done its best to make sure the device complies with travel industry standards by flying with prototypes across the world. The catch is that the case won't be shipping until mid-2015 at the earliest.


While I really like the idea, I'm a little old fashion. Until I can buy a product at a brick and mortar store where I can return it easily if it doesn't work for me, I pass on it. Especially if it's a claiming to be the world's first, as is the case here (no pun intended). But it's a promising product and so we wanted to cheer on this iOS developer. For more information and pre-ordering instructions, check out their website.


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