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In a report covering Apple's Q4 (calendar Q3) financial conference we noted that Apple had added some color to their initial press release wherein Apple's CEO Tim Cook stated that for Macs, it was a "blowout" quarter and that "it doesn't get better than that" at 21% growth year over year. That news was like waiving bananas in front of a hungry monkey and just too hard for Samsung to resist chasing. Over the weekend, Samsung's executive core held a 13 hour crisis management marathon meeting to find a way to get their company back to profitability. One of the products that they hope will sell well in 2015 is a new all-in-one PC with a 27" curved display.


A number of Korean reports published today are stating that Samsung announced over the weekend that it would release a new all-in-one PC in Q1 2015 called the 7 Curved (officially model name 700A7K). In reality it's little more than a revised all-in-one Ativ One 7 model with a curved display. They'll also be dropping their "Ativ" brand name which was a loser to begin with.


The new PC will sport two built-in dynamic 10-watt speakers which can support 10-watt sound output each and supports Dolby home theater functionality.


The 7 Curved is also primed with the Bluetooth music play feature that allows users to enjoy the music saved on the smartphone through the use of the computer's front buttons or smartphone app even when the computer is turned off.


If connected with a TV cable, the computer allows users to enjoy HD TV, real-time broadcasting recording and reservation recording. The 7 Curved also has a full HD-class front web cam. The 7 Curved will be available in a black color and released officially within January 2015.


With Wintel preparing their new Skylake processor microarchitecture with fingerprint ID in conjunction with Windows 10 with Cortana for late Q4 2015, Samsung may be thinking that it's time to pump up their PC line-up so as to be able to better compete with Apple's iMac that's on roll of late.


In the end, I don't think a curved display is going to do anything to boost Samsung's PC sales. It's really just a way to push their own technology that for the moment, doesn't seem to sway anyone in the smartphone world.


In fact Android Authority just declared Samsung's Note Edge curved display as the worst smartphone gimmick of the year. One of their resident "Experts" weighed in with this note: "Without a doubt, my EASY choice for worst gimmick of the year is the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge as a whole. What in the name of peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers was Samsung thinking on this one…"


So why does Samsung now think that a curved-display will matter in the PC world? I'm sure that at some point in the future I'll be writing about their 7 Curved being a gigantic failure – But for now, writing about Samsung chasing Apple's desktop success like a hungry monkey is just a barrel of laughs that I had to pass along. 



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