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It's being reported in Korea today that Samsung Electronics is set to reveal a Tizen OS driven TV by CES 2016. In the world of technology, that's a lifetime away. Just think back to February of this year when Samsung embarrassingly dropped the Tizen OS ball big time and it wasn't the first time either. This week Samsung blew it again when it came to delivering a Tizen based smartphone in India. Developers are discouraged and close to giving up.


Last month we reported that mobile sales had dropped over 70% and that mayhem at Samsung would lead to heads rolling. Three key executives were axed days later. But wait, there was another Samsung executive that got the axe and that was Tarun Malik.


Who is Tarun Malik? He was the Southwest Asia head of Samsung's Media Solutions Center — which was formally disbanded on Tuesday as part of Samsung's annual shake-up. In September, in an interview with India's Economic Times, he announced that Samsung was planning to debut a Tizen based smartphone in India after "Diwali" festival or the "Festival of Lights."


Now the Wall Street Journal reports that "Samsung's No-Show in India is the latest Blow to Tizen Ambitions." Yesterday Samsung was to unveil their Tizen OS smartphone. But they didn't even bother to show up to their own event leaving developers and partners who had been waiting all year extremely disappointed.


This is now a running joke. Samsung had also planned to launch a Tizen smartphone in Russia in the third quarter but scrapped the plan at the last moment. Another no-show event.


In September we reported that "The shift toward Tizen follows what Google CEO Larry Page described as a "tense meeting" with Samsung Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong at the Allen and Co. conference in Sun Valley, Calif., in July.


Simply put, the Android creator Google is not happy that Samsung is increasing its spending on Tizen-based digital products because while diversification does make sense for Samsung, it is not in Google's interests."


You can be sure that Samsung can't afford to anger Google, especially as their Smartphone sales with Android have collapsed. With Tizen, their mobile division would have been dust a long time ago.


So while Samsung will continue to work on Tizen OS for the Internet of Things era that will include their TV's and wearables, smartphones and tablets may stick with Android, leaving their once hopeful Tizen smartphone developers out in the cold. That sounds like the Samung I know. 


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