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Myth Buster: the Woz Reveals the Apple Computer wasn't invented in Steve Jobs Garage


Woz, The Myth Buster: On Monday we read that Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak and former Mythbuster Kari Byron have teamed up to make a new reality show where the two text futuristic new gadgets. The show, called The Woz," hasn't been picked up yet, but the two have been working together filming for potential episodes. Today, the Woz reveals a Myth Buster of his own that will shatter the Apple start-up Myth of it all beginning in Steve Jobs' garage.


According to Steve Wozniak, "The Garage is a bit of a myth; it's overblown. The garage represents us better than anything else – but we did no designs there. We would drive the finished products to the garage to make them work and then drive them down to the store that paid us cash."



For its 85th anniversary, Bloomberg Businessweek chronicles the most disruptive ideas of the past 85 years. In 1976, The Apple 1 computer goes on sale for a retail price of $666.66. Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs and designed that product, remembers the early days.


The Story behind Apple's Famous '1984' Super Bowl Ad


In 1984, the world was introduced to the Apple Macintosh personal computer with an advertisement that ran during Super Bowl XVIII. The spot helped define Apple as a brand and changed the Super Bowl into a must-see media event.



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