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Apple Files for Figurative "Works with CarPlay" Trademark

Today the European Patent & Trademark Office published Apple's latest trademark application for "Works with Apple CarPlay," that was noted as being filed late yesterday.


Apple's Files for Figurative "Works with Apple CarPlay" Trademark in Europe



 3af works with Carplay

As Apple's CarPlay gets ready to roll out in many cars in 2015, Apple is preparing for third party accessories and/or services that will work with CarPlay. Apple's CarPlay website currently shows Alpine and Pioneer as aftermarket systems and over time, we can now expect to see new products that will be using the new "Works with Apple CarPlay" logo.


In other Apple IP news today, Apple has filed for yet another Apple Pay trademark. Although Apple had filed for their Apple Pay Logo in China on December 20, it was only today that we find Apple's US filing under application 86485418. The trademark was filed under International Class 9. 


4af Apple Pay Logo


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