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1AF Korea line up for iPhone 6 Friday Oct 31, 2014
Two Thumbs up for Loyal Korean Apple Fans:
As expected, loyal Apple fans faithfully stood in line on a rainy Friday in Seoul, South Korea in the hopes of being able to purchase Apple's hottest iPhone to date the iPhone 6. Apple's new line-up of smartphones offers their first phablet branded the iPhone 6 Plus. Phablets are generally very popular in Asia and specifically in Korea where Samsung first created this smartphone segment. Yet recently, preorders of the iPhone 6 Plus in Korea outsold Samsung's Note 4 handily. One bold Korean market analyst went as far as predicting that the iPhone 6 Plus could outsell the Samsung Galaxy Note by as much as 10 to 1. Yet despite the differential, just having the iPhone 6 Plus beating Samsung's Note 4 on their home turf is victory enough as it would be a humiliating defeat for Samsung.


The ABC News report with one of the only photos of the event yesterday, stated that South Korea is one of the world's most wired societies, with 85 percent of its 50 million people online and 40 million smartphones.


Have you ever seen Samsung fans, especially in Korea, line-up for any Samsung smartphone or other product? I think not.


We noted in a report covering iPhone 6 Mania last month that "Samsung wastes time and money on TV ads trying to bash Apples iPhone and yet races to copy Apple's next great thing at every turn. Yet what they can't copy is having passionate fans around the globe, willing to sleep for days outside Apple Stores just to be first in their city, State, Province and/or Country to own a shiny new smartphone. No, machines can't copy that."


On Friday, the most famous copying machine on the planet known as Samsung could only watch in amazement how their country's Apple fans would go the extra mile, in the rain, just to get their hands on a product not made by them.


To all the Korean Fans and switchers who stood in line yesterday in the rain for an iPhone 6 we simply say Cheers! You're putting a lot of smiles on Apple fans' faces around the globe.


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