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Apple's iPhone 6 sales are rocking':
Today a new report looks at the latest iPhone 6 sales stats that are being tracked by the pros and everything is pointing to the iPhone 6 is likely to break all records for first month sales.


According to a new report published today, "The opening weekend for the iPhone 6 was Apple's best ever for a new smartphone, with 10 million sold in just three days. But with those initial totals always benefiting from pre-orders, it typically takes a while before the company is able to double them. Though Apple hasn't put out any official numbers yet, using data from third parties that track such things (Fiksu and Mixpanel), it appears the 'second 10 million' iPhone 6 and 6 Pluses are nearly all in the hands of customers. Apple's rumored goal of delivering 70-80 million iPhones between the launch and the end of the year is moving from abstract to real as the numbers come into focus."



While Forbes writer Mark Rogowsky tries to use his crystal ball to figure out the iPhone 6 product mix, he's unable to, yet thinks that the tea leaves are saying that the iPhone 6 Plus model has quadrupled since opening day. Yesterday, Rogowsky's brother-in-arms Chuck Jones said it best: "Forget what you have seen on various websites that a lot more iPhone 6's are in use vs. 6 Plus's. I believe this is due to supply constraints for the 6 Pluses and not representative of true demand as can be seen in the longer lead-times for the 6 Plus."


I tend to agree with Jones. I got fed up trying to find an iPhone 6 from my local Apple Store and ordered one online this afternoon. According to Apple, it would be a three week wait. That's what I was told on the phone. My actual order confirmation was another matter. It states delivery is expected between November 2nd and 12th. The demand for Apple's first phablet appears to be on fire!




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