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During one of Bloomberg TV's business videos posted today, Emily Chang had Ben Huh, CEO of Cheezburger on to talk about Google, Amazon and Motorola. Yet at the 3:26 mark of this 4:39 minute video, the topic surprisingly shifted to an Apple mind share vs. Android market share discussion that was quite interesting.


Out of nowhere, Emily Change shifted gears in her interview with Ben Huh. "Now let's talk about market share vs. mind share because Android has most of the market share but it seems that Apple has most of the mind share. Is that a fair assessment? Why would that be happening if there are all of these people out there using Android phones?


Ben Huh replied: "You've actually seen the transformation of the American workforce from an engineering economy, from a manufacturing economy to a creative class. And Apple dominates with the creative class. So if I'm developing a new app, where do I want to go and build a new app so that other people like me can actually experience it and understand what we're trying to do? New innovative apps actually come out on Apple first and in almost every single case because it's become the platform for the creative class."


There's a little bit more on this point and you can catch it all on the video.


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