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If you ever really want to know more about Apple's CEO Tim Cook, then watching the Charlie Rose interview that originally aired last Friday is by far one of the best ways of doing that in one sitting. It's hard to believe that there's actually another concentrated hour of that interview to be aired on Monday. The first hour covered a lot of territory that we touch on in this report and on Monday, Charlie Rose will talk to Tim Cook about "What comes after the internet?" That question alone will have me tuning in.


The first interview as noted above talks about Tim Cook's original interview with Steve Jobs; How Michael Dell's slight at Steve Jobs and Apple was simply expressing what everyone in the industry was thnking at the time; Cook's surprise at the timing of Steve Jobs choosing him as CEO; and How Steve Jobs was a true mentor and great teacher, a trait that most in the world really never knew about. 


Cook also touches on his reasoning for partnering with IBM; how Apple adopted the "womb to tomb" business model versus the Microsoft model; how the App Store gave developers a global store to sell their products in; and how Apple screwed up the introduction of "Maps" and more.


Yet there's one last point that I want to highlight from the interview that was one of the more interesting ones to me. It was about how Apple thinks about future products.


Cook noted that "A lot of what that leads to innovation is curiosity. It's curiosity to begin pulling a string and you see where it takes you. And a lot what we do isn't apparent to the public in the beginning where it's going to lead.

Touch ID as an example. We did Touch ID a year ago. People thought it was a way to get into your phone, and it's very cool at doing that, but then we said you could buy stuff from Apple with it. Obviously we the entire time were planning to do a much broader roll out of mobile payments with touch ID."  

That was interesting. Because while the public is generally fed with ongoing rumors, which could be fun, we at Patently Apple drill deeper into what Apple's patent applications are telling us about the future. We look at what Apple is curious about and what projects are growing in popularity. When a particular trend emerges with multiple patent filings we create an archive to help Apple fans follow along as to what's possibly heating up at Apple.


In the case of Touch ID that Cook touched on, we had noticed that trend forming early on and created a Biometrics archive especially for that so that Apple fans could explore it at their leisure. And while Cook noted that the public didn't know about Touch ID being created for future mobile payments, Patently Apple fans certainly did when we posted this report way ahead of the Touch ID coming to light


That's the fun of following Apple's patent applications each and every week. We get to see what Apple is curious about; what they're getting serious about; and what could be coming to market over time.


Make sure to watch the first part of the interview video before part two arrives on Monday. Hmm, I wonder how Cook will answer the question: what's beyond the internet? This could be a very interesting topic indeed. Will the answer to that question possibly blow us away? Only time will tell.


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Note: Part one of the Charlie Rose video interview is now available in our "Apple Event" archives that could be found on the right column of our blog. You could easily access it at any time going forward.




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