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The Afternoon prior to the big Apple Event on September ninth, Apple's legal representation in China filed two trademark filings to update the international classes relating to their Apple logo. One covers "Apple" in text form only while the second one covered the famous "Apple" image as noted in our cover graphic. The updates reflect the nature of all that could be associated with "Apple Pay" in terms of financial services and beyond. In other IP news, Apple has also filed for the "Apple Watch" trademark in both the US and China.


Apple Legally Updates their Famous Logo to Reflect New "Apple Pay" Services & Beyond



According to China's Patent and Trademark Office documentation, the trademarks were filed under International Classes 36 and 41 as noted in full below:


International Class 036: Financial services; financing services; financing of loans; extension of retail credit; installment loans; lease-purchase financing; debit and credit card services; payment services; financial transaction services; electronic payment processing services; electronic payment processing services using biometric technology for identification and authentication; financial services, namely, accepting, processing, authenticating, managing and reconciling electronic payments and electronic payment transactions; insurance and warranty services; providing and underwriting warranty and extended warranty contracts; gift card and prepaid card services; charitable fundraising services; financial counseling services; financial advice and consultancy services; providing financial information about stocks; providing information in the fields of investment and finance.


International Class 041: Education; providing of training; arranging and conducting classes, online classes, workshops, tutorials, and conferences and distributing related course materials; providing advice and information in the field of education; providing online publications; publishing of electronic publications; digital video, audio and multimedia publishing services; publication of text and graphic works of others; music publishing; digital imaging services; providing a website for the uploading, storing, sharing, viewing and posting of digital images, videos, online journals, and other related multimedia materials; online library services; providing information relating to publishing of electronic publications; entertainment; providing non-downloadable audio, video, and multimedia content; rental of digital entertainment content; providing radio programs; providing online computer games; providing a website featuring content in the fields of music and entertainment; conducting contests; providing information, reviews and personalized recommendations of entertainment content; recording, production and editing of radio and television programs; recording, production and editing services in the field of music, videos and film; creation of visual effects and graphics for others; providing advice and information in the field of entertainment; organizing music and film festivals for cultural and entertainment purposes; presentation of live performances; providing a facility for live performances; ticket reservation and booking services for entertainment, sporting and cultural events; physical fitness consultation and instruction; providing fitness and exercise facilities; providing a website featuring information regarding exercise and fitness; sporting and cultural activities; organizing and conducting sporting, cultural and arts events; providing online electronic schedules of sporting, educational and entertainment events; distribution of video tapes; toy rental; games equipment rental; animal training; modeling for artists; operating lotteries.


In Other Apple IP News


In other Apple IP News, Apple filed for three trademarks covering "Apple Watch" in the US late yesterday. The applications were filed under numbers 86389914, 86389945 and 86390028. Apple filed their US trademarks under three International Classes of 9, 10 and 14. Earlier this week we reported on Apple's European trademark filings for "Apple Watch" under a wider range of International Classes which covered 9, 20, 14, 35, 36, 37, 38, 41, 42, 44 and 45.


In separate trademark filings revealed in China today, we found that Apple had filed two "Apple Watch" applications. One covered the words "Apple Watch" and the other one covered 3 image-variants of an "Apple" image and the word "Watch" beside them. One new International Class was added in China's filing that differed from all others. They added International Class 28 as noted in full below.


International Class 28 interestingly covers games: "Computer gaming machines; handheld electronic game units adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor."


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