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Last month we reported that "Samsung's Galaxy S5 was Confirmed a Dud & May Hurt Financials," and shortly thereafter reported that a Samsung VP admitted that their quarter wasn't looking good. With all of the hoopla over the Galaxy S5 being a smash hit, stats presented today in a new Kantar study actually reports the very opposite. According to their study, not only was the Galaxy S5 not a smash hit in Britain but it actually came in below Apple's iPhone 5C. Apple's iPhone 5S and 5C were the first and second bestselling smartphones in Britain last month with the new Samsung Galaxy S5 in distant third place.


Even with all of their Hype and PR in the US, the Galaxy S5 came in second to the iPhone. So all of these headlines about Samsung's Galaxy S5 outselling the iPhone were a stretch of the imagination by the tech press and blogosphere.


May was the first full month of Galaxy S5 sales since its European release. Despite its blockbuster launch, the Galaxy S5 was only the third highest selling smartphone in Britain behind the iPhone 5S and 5C. Over half, 58%, of European Galaxy S5 buyers were existing Samsung owners.


During Apple's WWDC keynote, CEO Tim Cook stated that "Over 130 million customers who bought an iOS device in the past 12 months were buying their first Apple device," said Cook before introducing iOS 8, the new software for the iPhone and iPad. "Many of these customers were switchers from Android. They had bought an Android phone — by mistake. Then had sought a better experience ... And a better life."


Dominic Sunnebo, strategic insight director at Kantar noted in his report that "In the USA the Samsung Galaxy S5 was the second highest selling smartphone in May just behind the iPhone 5S." He added that "Apple loyalty is high in the US, with former iPhone owners making up just 8% of Galaxy S5 sales. The majority of those switching to Samsung were LG and HTC users." The loyalty factor was pointed out by Apple's CEO last month which he showed was as high as 97%.


The report also noted that "In general, consumers buying the Galaxy S5 were primarily attracted by its large screen size. This is something Apple is likely to address with the rumoured larger screen iPhone 6 launch expected in late September."


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