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Last week the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Google revealing new aspects of their smart contact lens invention. Patently Mobile began covering Google's breakthrough technology back in March of this year in a report titled "Google takes their Glass Vision to Smart Contact Lenses" which covered the foundation of this technology. In a new report posted only moments ago on Patently Mobile, we cover one of Google's latest patent applications titled "In-Situ Tear Sample Collection and Testing using a contact Lens." The timing of Google's latest patent application relating to smart contact lenses with integrated glucose testing couldn't have been any better. In under a week of its publication by the US Patent and Trademark Office, Google broke the news that the Novartis eye care unit Alcon had struck a deal to license their smart lens technology. As Google and Apple prepare to battle for future Home and Health markets, the deal with Novartis puts Google in a phenomenal position for first strike success. The ball is now in Apple's court – who just might deliver a surprise or two of their own later this fall. 


In the end, whether you cheer for Google or not, the fact is that their latest invention has the potential of assisting hundreds of millions of diabetics around the world. It could forever mean the end of using lancets on a daily basis to capture one's glucose levels. And the thing is – a glucose reader is only the beginning. The off-shoot dimensions of Google's smart contact lens technology are many, with the benefits being just as unique.



For more details, see our Patently Mobile report.


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