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It's been reported on many occasions that Apple's 5.5 inch iPhone 6 is to be very thin and light. To date battery suppliers have had a difficult time figuring out how they can provide a good enough battery for the next gen iPhone. News today confirms that the battery issue may have been solved and that the larger iPhone 6 in general will have thinner components overall.


It was reported yesterday that Apple has now signed up with a new supplier which has already solved the battery design bottleneck. The supplier in question goes by the name of Simplo. Simplo has supposedly already provided a flexible thin unit that meets Apple's demands.


Today DigiTimes is reporting that "The new iPhones' battery only has a thickness of 2mm, thinner than the 3mm of the iPhone 5-series, but both feature a similar capacity.


Taiwan-based component makers are reducing the thickness of components including panels, chassis and battery packs for upcoming iPhones, and are facing technological difficulties maintaining or hiking yield rates."


Supply chain suppliers added that 60-70 million new iPhones are expected to be manufactured by the end of 2014.


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