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While Patently Apple covers supply chain rumors, we try to avoid the daily barrage of rumors concerning the iPhone 6, especially those with fuzzy photos and alleged iPhone parts that could never be confirmed. Though a recent graphic caught our eye from the site that we thought you might enjoy viewing. It's based on rumors rounded up from various Apple sources and placed onto one gigantic infographic with added scores of probability.


The website in France has put together a rumors infographic together every year since 2010 using rumor sources such as BGR, the iDownloadBlog and AppleInsider. The site notes that "As usual, an estimate expressed in percentages indicates the passage rate credibility of every rumor. Know that hope to obtain predictions as reliable as possible, these rates were calculated taking into account the insights of several experts," including himself, Steve Hemmerstoffer, the founder and editor of nowhereelse.






All in all it's a great graphic, but like with most rumors, they're really infotainment pieces with not much else to them. Eight out of the 16 rumors on the graphic are only rated at a 50% or less chance of actually panning out. One rumor about the sapphire glass is rated at 60% for the 4.7 iPhone which has already been disproved with a simple sandpaper test. The rest of the rumors really add up to be nothing more than guestimated fluff. But it sure is a great graphic.


Is there any particular rumor that you're hoping will pan out for the iPhone 6 (that is on this infrographic or not)? Send in you comments below.


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