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Samsung's North American S5 Fans Get Screwed Over & More

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Just last month we reported that "Samsung S5 Early Adopters Lose Big Time as the New S5-Prime Smartphone is Close to Release." One month later and the news is out that Samsung's new "S5 LTE-A" smartphone will deliver the very Quad HD display that North American Android fans were hoping for. Those eager Android fans just got royally screwed over by Samsung.


We noted in our May report that "there were high hopes in the Android community that the Samsung S5 would deliver the much anticipated QHD display. When it didn't arrive, early adopters rushed to the S5 to be first with the new smartphone. Samsung's decision to now add the QHD with their new S5-Prime smartphone so closely after the S5's debut is bound to anger a lot of Samsung fans – and rightfully so."


Samsung's new phone will now offer a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2560x1440px, 3GB of RAM (or 1GB more than the original S5) and the faster and more robust Snapdragon 805 (vs. the 801 of the original S5).


North American Samsung fans will have to patiently wait until late August of September to get their hands on the new QHD displays and superior specs as the new Galaxy S5 LTE-A isn't coming to North America as LTE-A is not available. Early adopters of the Galaxy S5 are simply losers with no apology from Samsung.


Could you imagine the reaction from millions of iPhone fans buying a new iPhone 6 in September finding out that a new surprise iPhone 6A was being delivered to market on January first, days after Christmas? Yeah, that wouldn't happen. Only a company like Samsung would screw their own fan base and not blink twice. 


More on the Financial Front


On the financial front, we reported on June 16 that "Samsung's Galaxy S5 is Confirmed a Dud & May Hurt Financials, followed by our June 18 report titled "Korean Security Firms have Gone Negative on Samsung." Today, the Korean press continues to confirm Samsung will miss their financial numbers, again.


According to the Korea Herald, "Samsung Electronics will see its profit drop for the second consecutive quarter in the April-June period mostly due to slow smartphone sales, according to market analysts Friday.


Hwang Min-sung, analyst from Samsung Securities stated that "The disappointing sales of the Galaxy S5 smartphone are also said to have contributed to the erosion of the tech giant's profit margin. Samsung's share in the world's smartphone market will drop to 30 percent in the same period, down from 34 percent in the first quarter."


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