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Google's Keynote Video, Funny Statistics & other I/O Highlights


For those who want to know what Google is up to lately, we present you with the full Google I/O keynote in the video above. The keynote covers such matters as Android Wear, Android Auto (that will compete with Apple's CarPlay), Android TV, Chromecast (and new apps for Android and iOS), Google Play, Google Fit, and more. Our report also covers more of Google's funny statistics and a few notable highlights that drew the attention of the press at this year's Google I/O. 


The Mysterious "Going Google" Marketing Campaign


One of the more interesting slides of interest that were presented at Google's I/O keynote today was one that they named "Going Google." Google's Senior VP Sundar Pichai clearly stated that 67% of the top 100 start-ups have gone Google; 58% of the Fortune 500 have gone Google; and 72% of the top 100 Universities have gone Google.


2AF - Going Google

Wait a minute. In April Apple's CEO Tim Cook stated during their financial conference that in the enterprise market they're virtually seeing 98% of the fortune 500 is using iPads and in the latest data, 91% of the activations of tablets in the enterprise were iPad.


Secondly, in that same conference call Apple noted that 95% of the education market was using iPads. Why would these core market sectors go completely iOS with iPads but mysteriously and secretly be moving to Android? Something is a little off with Google's figures. How did Google's Pichai substantiate his slide's statistics? Well, he didn't.


I guess with Tim Cook slicing and dicing Android to shreds with statistics at this year's WWDC I fully understand that Google needed to sound important in front of their developers with statistics that almost sounded real. Google's other funny numbers were covered in an earlier report of ours titled "Google's Android Tablet Shipment vs Usage Theory Debatable."


I was hoping to report on Google's Android Wear and their new devices today. But after watching that particular keynote segment I realized that although geeks might think Android Wear is cool, I thought that the interfaces for their smartwatch were so atrocious and the demos so lame that I couldn't find anyhthing of value to report on. One thing is for sure, Apple has nothing to worry about from Google on this front. With that said, I'll wrap up this report with a few highlight slides from the Google I/O keynote that might be of some interest to you.


Android Wear


3AF2F - Androidwear THICK ASS WATCH

Yes, can't you see yourself wearing that hockey puck styled watch in public? Such style, and you get to do your weights all at the same time.


Google's Pichai stated yesterday that "Apple announced lots of great things in their keynote. They also announced things we have done in Android four or five years ago." Of course today is a new day and they have to confess that Android is behind on 64-bit (as noted below) as well as remote wipe and Android Auto to match CarPlay.


4AF Google IO  - Moving to 64-bit

Google's Cloud: Drive for Work


5AF -  Android - Drive for Work Cloud Service

 Google Fit Platform

  6AF - Google Fit Platform

7AF - Google Fit - partners working with Android for fitness

For Android developers there was a lot to digest at the Google I/O conference keynote as Google brought a lot of new APIs to the table. Google is definitely trying to finally update Android's user interface with superior and scalable graphics and they're moving on many new fronts simultaneously. Although I never saw a knock out moment in their keynote, I'm sure that many in the Android Community saw a lot of riches that will be coming their way.


For instance, the Verge has a good report on Google I/O's delivery of at least 17 noteworthy standouts revealed today. One particular standout from the Verge was Google's new play for the living room with a big update to Android TV. And lastly, The Verge thought it odd that Google's next great thing, Google Glass, was a no show at this year's I/O.


At the end of the day, no one company will ever have a monopoly on all of the greatest features for mobile devices and so it's always interesting to see what Apple's competitors are up to and to see what Apple will be competing with over the coming months ahead.


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