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Last March we reported that Samsung introduced their version of Apple's online iTunes store that's simply called Samsung Content & Services. The Korean report stated that the newly-launched portal would provide one-stop contents and service that could be enjoyed through Samsung's Smartphone, Smart Pad and Smart TV. Today it's being reported that their iTunes copycat service is shutting its doors.


South Korea MediaWire (CelebrityAccess) is reporting today that Samsung has revealed that amidst an reorganization of the company, they plan to shut down their e-book and music stores/hubs effective July 1.


Samsung officially announced the shutdown in an email sent to users of the service, stating that the content will no longer be available after shutdown and advising customers to download all purchased content before the deadline of July 1st. No word about Samsung's other hubs, including videos and games, was revealed.


Samsung launched their various media hubs in March 2013 as we noted in last year's report as a part of an ambitious plan to create an ecosystem similar to Apple's iBooks and iTunes music service around Samsung's successful Galaxy smart phones and tablets. However, even after high profile deals with artists such as Jay Z, the service failed to gain significant traction.


Samsung's statement did not reveal a reason for the shutdown, but said that the company was "striving for service differentiation and customer value enhancement."


2AF. Samsung new streaming music service in the works

A year ago Apple debuted iTunes Radio and with their latest acquisition of Beats Music, Apple is bound to take music subscription services to a new level. Samsung, who mirrors much of what Apple is doing, decided in March to introduce Samsung radio that they trademarked as "MilkMusic." The new service is due to debut in September, according to a new Korea news report published today.


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