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Samsung has Mixed Feelings about the New Jury in the Patent Infringement Case & Hypocritically Complains about Greg Christie

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Officials of Samsung Electronics showed mixed feelings for the newly formed jury which will review the blockbuster patent infringement case involving Samsung and Apple. On the first day of the second round of their legal battle, Judge Lucy H. Koh of the San Jose court selected new jurors. The jury includes a number of iPhone owners as well as several people with ties to the technology industry.


The Korean report that published today states that an industry official who asking not to be named stated that "Samsung hopes the latest round will be reviewed fairly without individual preferences, prejudice and even nationalism." He added that "Samsung will take a closer look whether or not the new jurors are linked to Apple in terms of business interest."


According to the report, "Samsung's lawyers will argue that Apple is hurting consumer choice by expanding its legal battles, while the South Korean tech heavyweight has so far been consistent in offering unique values to customers by ending patent disputes with signing licensing deals with interested parties, according to officials." Please, tell me, what the heck does that have to do with stealing Apple's intellectual property? Are they claiming to be Robin Hood, champion of the people where stealing is justified?


Yet on Samsung's latter argument, we're able to see the real motive behind Samsung's out-of-the-blue good nature in quickly signing cross-licensing deals over the past few months. CNET reported in January that the terms of that cross-licensing deal between Google and Samsung were very vague and that Samsung took the opportunity to take a crack at Apple. Do you think that was a strategic move for the upcoming trial? Duh, ya think! And yet here's Samsung attorneys screaming foul play yesterday to Greg Christie's interview with the press prior to the trial. What a bunch of hypocrites they are!


2AA Samsung objects to Greg Christie speaking to the press last week as we covered

Before opening arguments, the jury will be shown a video from the court, the same one that Samsung objected to earlier.


"Samsung's key argument is that Apple is becoming a patent troll by asking smartphone manufacturers to pay huge amounts of royalties that can't be accepted. Consumers may pay the so-called 'Apple Tax' if Apple patents are overly protected. It seems evident that Apple is trying to defend its exclusive iOS system by blocking others. This isn't a business," said the official. Ha! - Are these guys' stand-up comedians or what?


Apple is seeking as much as $40 per Samsung mobile phone found to be infringing on its patents, a claim that could reach $2 billion and double the amount of Samsung's payment to Apple in the previous round, while Samsung Electronics is seeking some $900 million in its countersuit.


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