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A new report from Japan's Nikkei states that Apple is in talks with Sony to double its supply of camera components for a new iPhone. Sony currently supplies nearly all of the CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) sensors for the current iPhone 5S's rear-mounted main cameras.


The news intimates that the quality rear-mounted camera at 8 megapixels would be coming to the iPhone's FaceTime camera which is currently a measly 1.2 megapixel camera. Many Apple fans have complained about the quality of the FaceTime camera not being good enough.


The catch to the news of the upgraded iPhone FaceTime camera comes by way of the report clearly stating that "a new iPhone slated to roll out as early as next year." So those hoping for this feature to debut on Apple's next iPhone are apparently out of luck. 


The good news, however, is that the shift to the superior camera seems to be a sure bet being that the report added that the "request from Apple was the reason for its [Sony's] January decision to purchase a plant from Japanese chipmaker Renesas Electronics, according to a source involved in the negotiations."


With Sony's dire forecast of a $1.1 billion loss being announced last week which includes selling off their PC business, Sony wouldn't be purchasing a plant for producing more of Apple's iPhone cameras unless it was a sure longer-term deal.


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