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Last August the rumors were flying high and fast that Samsung would beat Apple to market with a fingerprint scanning feature for their Note 3. In September, Samsung miserably failed to deliver that highly anticipated feature. They later blamed their US fingerprint sensor partner Validity for the misfire. We noted later that month that Samsung and LG were on the run to integrate inferior fingerprint technology into their future smartphones. In December we reported that smartphone players were scrambling to adopt fingerprint ID to catch up to Apple. As 2014 kicked in, it was revealed that LG will unveil fingerprint ID this year, if not later this month. And now, the Korean press is confirming that Samsung will offer this feature in their upcoming Galaxy S5. Yet the real news is that they'll be directly producing the fingerprint recognition module in-house.


According to a new report Samsung Electronics will directly produce the fingerprint recognition modules for the Galaxy S5, which will be released soon, from the outset. It is quite exceptional considering that Samsung Electronics used to jointly develop new parts with suppliers.


According to the industry sources, Samsung Electronics will directly produce the fingerprint recognition sensor for the Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 is scheduled to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) held in Barcelona, Spain on February 24.


One industry supply chain insider noted that "Seeing that its suppliers do not have any production plan, it appears that Samsung Electronics is preparing to directly produce the fingerprint recognition module. If sales increase in the future, the company may allocate some quantities to its suppliers." In other words, they desperately rushed a design so that they could cram it into their Galaxy S5 that will roll out at the Barcelona tradeshow on the twenty-fourth.


The fingerprint recognition technology, applied to the Galaxy S5, is known to be the Swipe type. The Swipe type is to rub the fingertip in the recognition area with the sensor for fingerprint recognition.


The Korean press is putting their spin on it against the iPhone by stating that "it is more advantageous to reducing the size of the module than the Area type used in the iPhone, it can be applied to various designs from the front to the side."


Translation: Samsung has too many models and designs of products to be able to match Apple's elegant design, so they'll just go with the easiest way of manufacturing it as humanly possible so that they can rush it out the door to make it look like they can match Apple's real innovation.


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