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During the ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, Dolby's Chief Marketing Officer, Bob Borchers, the former director of product marketing at Apple, announced that Dolby had entered deeper collaborations with two of the leading Chinese smartphone makers ZTE and Huawei. Yet what got people's attention was Borchers comments about the original 2007 iPhone.


While Apple revolutionized the mobile landscape in 2007 with the launch of the original iPhone, Borchers noted that "the technology took a back seat to the user interface. If you look at the iPhone as a technological element, everything had been done before; it was about bringing all that together into an experience that was compelling and then communicating it as an experience not as a technology." Borchers added that "the emphasis on user experience, rather than tech jargon, is among the key reasons behind the success of the iPhone line."


Borchers further explained that "There were three value propositions in order of importance: a revolutionary phone, the best iPod ever and the internet in your pocket, but in fact it should have been the reverse. Having the internet in your pocket was the most important." The iPhone was really just an "okay" phone.


The Indian report noted lastly that Borchers credited faster internet access and Apple's intelligent app ecosystem for the smartphone revolution. He said, "It was a great iPod, but it was the connection to the internet and the app community that made the difference."



Seven years after the launch of the original iPhone and only now are we beginning to hear people talk about the "experience" being more important than the specs of a smartphone. Brendan Arndt, Portfolio Manager at, speaking to TrustedReviews at the Mobile World Congress this week, stated that "It used to be a bit of a spec war and now it is much more about the experience that customers are getting on the phone. That's definitely one of the trends between all vendors."


Yes, it's always been about the experience with Apple. Be it the iPhone, the iPad or the original Macintosh. That's what Steve Jobs had always brought to the table, even extending that philosophy to Pixar movies. Yes, it's about the experience, stupid. And it's now embedded in everything that Crazy Ones of Cupertino invent and deliver.  


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