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On December 6, we reported that there was no finalized deal between Apple and China Mobile contrary to the NY Times report. Today was rumored by most in the Apple blogosphere to be the day that the iPhone was to be launched by China Mobile. But it's not going to happen according to Mobile China's Chairman.


According to a new Reuters report, Xi Guohua, the chairman of the world's largest mobile phone carrier, said on Wednesday morning that his company had no announcement to make on any deal to carry Apple's smartphones. Xi was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a conference in Guangzhou, a southern city of China. It doesn't get more official than that.


While the Apple-Mobile China soap opera continues, one has to wonder what kind of game is being played out here. Both sides are starting to look like idiots. Though in the end, we're likely to see a breakthrough sometime in the new year. The markets thus far have taken the news in stride.  


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