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Earlier this month we reported that Samsung and Apple would restart to comply with a court-ordered Jan. 8 deadline to find an amicable solution to their patent dispute. Insiders close to the case added that Samsung's mobile chief and CEO Shin Jong-kyun and Apple's Tim Cook will meet soon. Yet now that a Silicon Valley jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple $290 million in damages for copying vital iPhone and iPad features, the mood at Samsung has soured and they're already hinting that nothing will come of their meeting with Apple.


According to a new Korea Times report, Yoon Boo-keun, co-CEO of Samsung Electronics and the head of its consumer division stated that "The most unproductive innovation is patent litigation." The statement was made after his participation in a weekly meeting among CEOs of Samsung affiliates at its headquarters in Seocho, southern Seoul.


Samsung officials declined to comment on Yoon's remarks. But industry officials say they reflect the views of top Samsung executives over patent disputes, suggesting that any imminent agreement with Apple is unlikely, even though they've struck licensing deals recently with SK Hynix and ended a decade long dispute with Rambus.


Although Samsung's co-CEO thinks that patent litigation is the most unproductive form of innovation, they've had no problems in suing LG in the past when they thought that their patents were being infringed.


Last week Samsung's legal team admitted to stealing Apple's technology and so Yoon's latest one-sided pie-in-the-sky piety fools no one but those in his own inner sanctum. At the end of the day, the reality on the ground is that Samsung believes that stealing technology is the most productive form of innovation which makes Yoon's latest statement the joke of the week. 


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