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Vantage Point Technology has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple. The patent infringement lawsuit concerns Apple's use of ARM processors in products such as the iPhone, iPad and beyond. This patent troll is suing Apple with a 1995 patent once owned by Intergraph Corporation in an effort to gain an ongoing royalty from Apple.


Vantage Point Technology alleges that Apple has infringed upon patent 5,463,750 titled "Method and apparatus for translating virtual addresses in a data processing system having multiple instruction pipelines and separate TLB's."


More specifically, Vantage claims that Apple "has directly infringed, either literally or by equivalents, one or more claims of the '750 Patent by making, having made, using, selling, offering for sale and/or importing products that satisfy each and every limitation of one or more claims of the '750 Patent, including at least Claim 1. Such products include, at least, any and all chipsets with an ARM based Swift, dual ARM Cortex A9s, or ARM Cortex A8 core processor design. Such products also include smartphones, tablets, and/or computers that incorporate those chipsets. Upon information and belief, the accused chipset products include at least the Apple A6, A6X, A5, A5X, and the A4. Upon information and belief, Defendant has incorporated those chipsets into at least the following accused electronic device products, which it makes, has made, sells, offers to sell, and/or imports: iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs, iPad (4th Gen), and iPad (3rd Gen).


2. Apple sued for allegedly infringing on this intergraph corp patent

Furthermore, "Defendant's manufacture, sales, offers to sell, and/or importation of the identified accused chipset products and additional electronic device products incorporating those chipsets were unauthorized, without the permission of Plaintiff under 35 U.S.C. §271 for which it is directly liable."


The formal complaint before the court is seeking a "reasonable royalty" from Apple.


The patent infringement case presented in today's report was filed in the Texas Eastern District Court. The Presiding Judge in this case is noted as being Judge Rodney Gilstrap.


A Note about Patent Trolls


A 2011 study showed that Patent Trolls cost tech companies $29 Billion and a 2012 study made the case that patent trolling was out of control. To date, Apple remains the #1 Target of Patent Trolls.


The FTC is now examining the practices of patent trolls or Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs) which are firms with a business model based primarily on purchasing patents and then attempting to generate revenue by asserting the intellectual property against persons who are already practicing the patented technologies. The FTC is conducting the study in order to further one of the agency's key missions—to examine cutting-edge competition and consumer protection topics that may have a significant effect on the U.S. economy.


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