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October 18, 2013


I wish Samsung went with Retina scanner and I am pretty sure people will love it. Unfortunately, I will stick with my 5s with TouchID enabled.

No dude , I was talking in general , see the government has your finger prints and if that database get's hacked , It will be chaos .Even android phones will get a fingerprint scanner ,but a retina scanner will be different , It need not be used to unlock your phone ya i agree it would be tiresome, It can used to open certain apps or features like incognito mode on your phone, or show only your encrypted files.

see touchid has its flaws it cant be used on non apple apps, and the lock screen can be bypassed , a theft could figure out your name , ur friends and where u live , that's if u put ur address in ur contacts.

Apple's motto is "Think Differently" ,They did not do that with the 5s and definitely not with the 5c ,motorola atrix hmmmm...

I am an apple fan , but hate seeing what their doing now,Hoping for them to allow ppl to go back to ios 6 or surprise me on oct 22 :)

Apple is doomed? again


Won't the proximity sensor automatically turn on the display when you bring it up to your face. If that's the case, then it won't be dark.

If Samsung can pull this one off (and likely will) Apple will be dumped by every investor under the sun.

Ha! Are you referring to that crazy German site that made a perfect fingerprint using perfect tools including a mold to dupe the fingerprint scanner? Ha! Is an iPhone user going to help a crook with perfect tools? They didn't lift the print, they recreated a fingerprint with ideal tools in a perfect setting. How realistic is that? Not very! 99% of most iPhone users will never experience a fingerprint theft problem. It's just a silly "Android" fan's wet dream. Touch ID works.

A retina scanner for a mobile phone? Really? I'm going to stick a smartphone in my face 50 times a day and wait for a retina scan. How dumb is that?

Fingerprint scanner can lead to identity theft , retina scanner..... ? Will be interesting to "see" it

exactly how will this work????
many people wear glasses,irises aren't exactly unique,it's going to be painfully awkward or terribly inaccurate because you need it to sense your eyes (heck one look at the "smart" scroll feature and you realise samsung is lightyears away from any kind of proper eye tracking.)
and most of all....
It doesn't have apple to copy from.
It is going to be an absolute failure like the 'face sensing' crap they already have.

Samesung continues to focus on technology driven development instead of user driven.

Retina scanner can be a good high end security solution but not for daily use 50 times per day!

I guess I can't unlock my phone in the dark.

Doubt they'll be able to pull it off. And if they do, it will be sloppy and likely not work as well as Touch ID.

Idk, I just don't think a retina scanner even done properly will work as effortless and seamlessly as Touch ID does. Fingerprinting just seems like the much more natural mass market biometrics implementation. If people had to position their eyeballs perfectly in line with their phones and keep their eye still while being scanned, it just doesn't seem nearly as intuitive as Touch ID. I think the most genius thing about Touch ID is how Apple managed to put it inside the button people already press to wake up their phones. You just press the button and the button automatically authenticates your finger instantly. It couldn't be any more effortless. The moment that authentication requires even the slightest bit of effort (like the traditional passwords systems have), people tend to just not use them. Touch ID is brilliant in this regard, and why I think it was easily the right choice by Apple for the mass market. Now, if we're looking at higher profile targets needing stronger security, then retina scanning is easily something they'd be interested in. But Apple always targets the mass market.

I guess Samsung forgot that 64 percent of people in the world wear glasses.

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