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A new Korean report published today stated that the influence of the iPhone to be released in Korea at the end of this month is attracting their attention. Consumers are also paying attention to whether the iPhone, appearing in the market in a year, will be able to revitalize Apple in Korea. The report further stated that "as there are maniac consumers for the Apple iPhone in Korea, the question is how much replacement demand the new iPhone will generate."

The report also noted that "the performance of the iPhone 5C, released along with the iPhone 5S, also attracts their attention." Noteworthy is that the report stresses that "Apple used to maintain its premium image by restricting the excessive marketing of the distribution industry, but recently a change in this attitude is detected. In foreign countries, the iPhone5S and 5C were sold at discounted prices immediately after their release. If such distribution policy is allowed in Korea, the price competitiveness of the iPhone 5C is expected to be considerable."


While we won't know how considerable Apple's aggressive iPhone pricing will affect the Korean and/or other foreign markets until the end of the quarter, smelling the fear emanating from the Korean press today was rather enjoyable. For now, I'm rooting for Apple's "Maniac" customers in Korea and other Asian nations to go forth and hand Apple's competitors a nightmare to remember: you crazy guys you!


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Having good taste makes you a "maniac" in Korea? Well that explains Samsungs and LGs huge lack in taste.

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