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In July we reported that Apple was considering a huge shift to IGZO displays in 2014. Korean Sources stated at that time that Apple had decided to expand the application of IGZO display to future MacBooks. Today Sharp made an announcement that IGZO displays are ready for notebooks.


News out of Taiwan today states that Sharp has begun sample deliveries of IGZO LCD panels that reach Ultra HD resolution in a 15.6-inch notebook. Deliveries of the technology began in September 2013 and further production is scheduled to start at Sharp's Kameyama Plant number 2 from February 2014, the company said.


Sharp said it has become the first company to realize Ultra HD resolutions for LCD panels used in notebooks, adding that it was made possible by employing IGZO technology, which improves light transmission and enables thin-film transistors to be more compact.


Will Apple adopt Sharp's new IGZO Ultra HD Displays for future MacBooks? While only time will tell if this pans out, Apple's focus on delivering the very best "Retina" class displays for the iPad and MacBook would strongly suggest that Apple will advance premium mobile device displays to the next level of Ultra HD in 2014.

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