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October 23, 2013


I couldn't see what it was...
then I realised it was a zoomed out view of the picture above.
my bad.

....Maybe they wanted to give it a bang intro... Maybe something last minute went wrong and they had to resort to plan B?

Phil showed some fire at WWDC when talking about the Mac Pro. He cranked up the music for the Mac Pro ad. There was a pulse. At introduction time this week when there should have been double the blast of energy for the Mac Pro, Phil showed us slides and more slides like a professor. I like Phil, but he didn't follow through with his WWDC sneak peek energy. And why didn't we see an Optional Apple 4K Cinema Display? All that power, all that graphics power, would have been cool to view on a 4K display in a demo. C'est la vie.

Yes, the Mac Pro certainly deserved much more "bang" than it got. But I think this is just the reality of things these days. Phil Schiller or Tim Cook are not Steve Jobs. Jobs was an absolutely brilliant showman. They aren't. You know if Jobs introduced the Mac Pro it would have had much more bang. I don't fault Phil, its kinda hard to be even a fraction of the showman Jobs was.

And I'm assuming Touch ID is not on the iPads due to supply. The 5S is already is very tight supply constraints, credited to tight supplies of Touch ID. So its natural that the 5S would be given priority over new iPads. Plus, its the hallmark feature of the 5S, like Siri was for the 4S. The iPads didn't get Siri until the next year after the 4S, as I suspect will be the case for Touch ID as well.

Thanks for your commentary "hm" that was well presented. I agree wholeheartedly that Apple is doing very good. Though for such a great product like Mac Pro, there should have been more of a bang made.


Really, I have to explain that? It's simple: Someone reading an iPad on the side of an insanely gigantic mountain in a hanging tent is one scary place to be to me. Congrats to those who can pull that off. So I was applauding people who could do that while adding a little humor. You should try it sometime "Applefanboy" - humor that is. (ha!)

Tim seemed a little unfocused to begin with. He fumbled a lot of words… but Craig Federighi helped to save the day. But their events now do seem to be lacking in the kind of energy and passion that only Steve seemed able to conjure.

Pros want to know about tech specs (I certainly did), hence why Phil banged on about them, but it could certainly have been done in a more slick manner. Showing more of what you can actually do with this power would have been better. As to an Apple 4k display - I have a theory they left this out because they don't want to tip anyone off to what the Apple TV will look like, as they will doubtless be very similar (if not one and the same product).

I guess the big surprise was making so much software free - a great move that will usher many into upgrading. I got Mavericks this morning, and so far it seems rock solid.

My highlight though, was the video showing how people are actually using the iPad in so many different ways. That could BE the advert for iPad, it was so good.

So no big surprises, but no clangers either. Let's not forget, this is something of a transition year for Apple, as they fire on all cylinders to get all of their primary devices 64 bit capable and retina ready, plus bring the look and feel of iOS and OS X closer. Taken in this context, they have achieved an incredible amount in a year (while also developing several secret projects at the same time). They're doing pretty good in my book!

best online written report of the event yet.

"yikes! are you kidding me!" Exactly what is that??

There were plenty of years under Steve where Apple products were just incremental updates but Steve was such a great salesman he could make anything seem magical and revolutionary. That's Apple's problem today - they don't have a salesman. Phil Schller was great as sort or the goofball sidekick in product demos but just rattling off a bunch of specs is rather boring. And Tim Cook as well is incredibly boring. I actually think Craig Federighi is the best on stage presenter now and maybe Apple should give him the most stage time.

Also it seemed to me Apple had a lot to cover and Cook did not want the event to drag on. Perhaps the MacBook Pro could have just been updated via press release like they did with the iMac. Or included in a separate event for the Mac Pro where they could have spent more time showing it off and the updates to their pro software suite. Jam packing a bunch of stuff in an hour in a half is no good. And since Apple is pretty clear on not buying into to this laptop/tablet convergence strategy there's no reason Macs and iPads need to be shown off at the same event. Have separate events for each.

I have to agree, this event wasn't as slick as others. I feel Tim Cook should be doing more of the sales pitch, instead of stats and ringmaster. The Black Knight moment was funny and took focus away for a while too

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