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October 24, 2013


I tried Disqus this afternoon and it took over my comment area, so I reverted back to TypePad's system which is open to everybody. I'm trying to find a way to offer it as an option rather than it being the only choice. If there's a way to have TypePad + Disqus co-exist, I'll do it. Otherwise I'll stick with the open format available today.

Please try to get Disq.us for comments and revamp your site with new graphics etc. I love your content but would like to see a site makeover.

Imagine Apple paying people to post attacks on rivals....Samsung is an evil empire in iself. Power hungry, Napoleon complex from Korea. Win at any cost being ....me too...its destined for a tragic fall when public opinion turns against them for its "win at any cost" strategy.

"Abstension from injunctions against any company that agrees to a particular licensing framework"

WHAT particular framework?...like the hefty one they tried offer Apple before taking Apple to court?

I like your articles, reading them everyday.

What I like about Apple and it's loyal people is that they are both 'above' all that. Above all competition. They are simply better in every way without having to fight or even try hard at any given task. The picture in my head is like a grown up person (Apple) standing beside many misbehaved kids (Samsung & Co.) running around crying why they can't be better than Apple ;)))



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