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1. SWEEP - Apple wins Times's assessmennt of the top 3 Laptop categories for 2013
In Time magazine's assessment of over 1,000 notebooks on the market, Apple came out shining by making a sweep of the top three overall notebooks segments for 2013. Ben Taylor writes: "Maybe you're a tech geek, and you want the best machine money can buy, regardless of whether it will fit into your briefcase or cost two months-worth of rent. So, which laptops achieved the highest scores overall? With low weights, solid performance specs, crisp displays, and universal praise from the experts, Apple's two Retina Display MacBook Pros and recent MacBook Air emerged as the gold-, silver-, and bronze-medal winners among our pool of 1,000+ laptops."

To take a look at the entire article covering notebook categories like Gaming, Budget, Mini/Portable, Desktop-Replacement/High-Performance and Overall, check out Taylor's report here. Although we knew that Apple's Macbooks were the best of class, it's always nice to see the mainstream press still getting it right once and awhile.   


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Sweet!, looks like they can be honest ever so now and again.

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