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October 09, 2013


The have inventer Galaxy Gear! ;-) The biggest joke this decade. Samsung is inable to drive the market. The korean engineers are only capable och duplicating not creating.

To add larger screen, more MPx camera is not innovation.

Why doesn't scamsung try and innovate for once?
They hire R&D professionals for a reason and yet their actual R&D is done at infinite loop Cupertino.

Seriously? Those are old products and Samsung has already worked around those patents in products. How does that limit competition'? They just throw big words in order to make PR noise and make competitor and government look bad. As saying says 'Squeaky wheel gets the grease'.

Next thing Samsung will say: We had bad sales because US citizens are protectionists.

all we need to do is STOP BUYING SAMSCUM PRODUCTS!

Wonder when media all across the world goes after exposing the Sham-Sung's business!

Very typical, gets caught copying and stealing and tries to play the victim...I've said this before and I'll say it again if they had only taken the time and actually innovated instead of just copying to get to the top they wouldn't be in this mess...they got caught and are now paying for it.

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