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Samsung tried to beat Apple to market with a fingerprint scanner for their Note 3 in September and failed. Yet Samsung was so determined to beat Apple at something this year so as to validate their false innovative leadership title, that they rushed a smartwatch to market. They were jumping at Apple's shadow fearing that Apple had one for their September iPhone Event. We called Samsung's Gear smartwatch a disaster in our report and in October the Wall St. Journal's David Pogue agreed with us by calling Samsung's smartwatch a Human Interface train wreck. So what is one of Samsung's next big move's for 2014 to show that they're the undisputed leader in the mobile industry? Well, according to a new report out today, one of Samsung's next moves will revolve around wireless charging solutions. Will Samsung get a big leap on Apple on this front? Our report sheds a little light on this matter and  shows you what Samsung is up to.

According to a new report today, Samsung Electronics' wireless business division has embarked on a magnetic resonant smartphone wireless charging technology development with a goal for commercialization next year.


Samsung Electronics' System LSI business division in DS part is in the process of developing a magnetic resonance wireless charging chip and its affiliate, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, is expanding the magnetic inductive wireless charging module business following a recent equity investment in New Zealand's PowerbyProxi.


Following a recent transfer of human resources from wireless charging chip development team of DMC Research Center to wireless business division, Samsung Electronics began a process to select chip and ferrite core suppliers.


Samsung Electronics had planned to mount the magnetic resonant wireless charging function to its mobile phones starting from 'Galaxy S4' model, which was released in May and failed to deliver. Just as they excused not having a fingerprint scanner ready on time for the Note 3 due to a "failed test," the Galaxy S4 failed a test related to their wireless charging chip.


A company insider is now saying that 'The magnetic resonant reception chip performance has been improved to be suitable for system application."


Two wireless charging technologies have been competing in the field, which are magnetic inductive method (PMA WPC standard applicable), where simply the charging line is removed and the reception and transmission terminals must be in contact, and magnetic resonant method (A4WP standard) that enables charging even at a distance of a few centimeters.


As Samsung Electronics is setting to launch a magnetic resonant wireless charging smartphone, the industry is also busily making the necessary preparations. Qualcomm joined hands with IDT a year ago setting out a strategy to jointly supply smartphone solutions. The technology Qualcomm has developed is called QuickCharge Technology and it promises charges up to 75% faster than conventional technology.


Qualcomm joined the Power Matters Alliance this month to push the PMA's wireless charging specification. Another alliance member Dupont recently announced that they have an embedded wireless charging system built right into their Corian kitchen counter tops as noted below. So there are huge moves in the wireless charging space that are on the way and in progress. 


2A. Dupont embedding wireless charging solution into corian counter top surfaces with PMA

Clearly the race is on to integrate wireless charging chips into future mobile devices and beyond. So where is Apple on this front? Apple's second major wireless charging patent landed in September 2013. The focus of that particular patent was the desktop and perhaps this could play a role in a future Mac Pro System too.


3. Apple solutions for the desktop and future smart cover

In March, Apple surprised us with a patent pending invention relating to a future iteration of their iPad Smart Cover having Built-In Inductive Charging capabilities. 


So wouldn't it be great if Apple surprised us with one of their wireless solutions at the Apple Event set for October 22? Yes it would. Yet for now that's just wishful thinking on my part even though Apple has patent pending inventions in the wings. The timing of patents coming to market in the form of products is just too unpredictable to place any bets on. Though we could keep our fingers crossed. 


For now, Samsung's wireless charging solutions are firmly on their way to market for some time in H1 2014. The simple question becomes, can Apple's homegrown solutions really be that far behind? Time will tell.

4. Apple Event Oct 22

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I think you're on to something. The "cover" reference in the invite and the patent suggest a new smart cover may be coming. The patent was filed in 2011, which means they've had a few years to work on it.

There's been no leaks for a new smart cover, but there were no leaks with the original smart cover when the iPad 2 was released (it was the only surprise at the event).

Smart cover are a billion dollar business for Apple. For most companies that would be very significant, but for Apple it barely moves the needle. However, smart covers with inductive charging would fetch a higher price and give people more reason to purchase a new iPad. Looking forward to the 22nd.

Jack Purcher

How clear is this: Samsung Electronics' System LSI business division in DS part is in the process of developing a magnetic resonance wireless charging chip.

Galen Gurman

It's not wireless.

Constable Odo

I'd prefer to have that QuickCharge technology that charges 75% faster than the Wireless Charging System. It appears a lot terrific technologies are on the horizon for consumers.

Luis Masanti

What is more important: to be the first or to be right?
So many companies were before of Apple in so many things, from mp3 players to notebooks… and even NPD!

But to do the right thing is totally different.

After the Siri's Beta and Map's fiasco, I think that Apple learnt to be cautious: Touch ID is in use only "inside" Apple (for the phone and for iTunes).
Lots of Android's cellphone makers will deliver the hardware ID without any caution, wide open to developers to abuse of your wallet…

So, what will it be the difference if Apple releases its wireless charging device one year after Samsung.
We all see the Samsung Watch stealing the thunder of all Apple producs!

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