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October 15, 2013


I think you're on to something. The "cover" reference in the invite and the patent suggest a new smart cover may be coming. The patent was filed in 2011, which means they've had a few years to work on it.

There's been no leaks for a new smart cover, but there were no leaks with the original smart cover when the iPad 2 was released (it was the only surprise at the event).

Smart cover are a billion dollar business for Apple. For most companies that would be very significant, but for Apple it barely moves the needle. However, smart covers with inductive charging would fetch a higher price and give people more reason to purchase a new iPad. Looking forward to the 22nd.

How clear is this: Samsung Electronics' System LSI business division in DS part is in the process of developing a magnetic resonance wireless charging chip.

It's not wireless.

I'd prefer to have that QuickCharge technology that charges 75% faster than the Wireless Charging System. It appears a lot terrific technologies are on the horizon for consumers.

What is more important: to be the first or to be right?
So many companies were before of Apple in so many things, from mp3 players to notebooks… and even NPD!

But to do the right thing is totally different.

After the Siri's Beta and Map's fiasco, I think that Apple learnt to be cautious: Touch ID is in use only "inside" Apple (for the phone and for iTunes).
Lots of Android's cellphone makers will deliver the hardware ID without any caution, wide open to developers to abuse of your wallet…

So, what will it be the difference if Apple releases its wireless charging device one year after Samsung.
We all see the Samsung Watch stealing the thunder of all Apple producs!

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