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October 05, 2013


Steve's been gone for just 2 years. Its only been 3 years since the iPad introduction. Hold yer horses, game changers don't present themselves every single year. It takes a mixture of PERFECT timing, patience, and ITERATING prototypes to bring game changers to market. Steve had this patience better than possibly anybody and always had pitch-perfect timing, he was always thinking in terms of decades and not months. The iPad was his dream product for at least 10 years before he fully realized the vision. 2010 turned out to be the perfect year to bring something like that to market.

Its amazing how warped peoples memories become once their perception changes. Apple was very much an interative company while Steve was there. They introduced the new product line, and polished the hell out of it year after year relentlessly, never feeling satisfied. They're continuing to do that, better than ever. Look at breakthrough technology like Touch ID. If you don't think that took some serious innovation and critical thinking inside of Apple, then you are fooling yourself.

Don't expect Apple to reinvent the wheel every single year, because they've never done that, no company has ever done that, and it would be absolutely foolish to do. Major new initiatives need to be timed very carefully and strategically. All signs point to Apple still doing that, and still thinking just as methodically about product strategy.

Steve's presence will always be missed, and yes Apple will never quite be the same without him. But I think the products, and innovative thinking will continue there for a very long time. I'd like to think us Steve Jobs fans could give him a little more credit, and assume he knew how to build a STRONG company and team of leaders that can carry the torch without him.

I miss Steve too.

You have to wonder why Steve didn't leave something big behind for Apple to bring to market. The vacuum in real innovation and new products is really a drag on Apple. They've been in evolution mode ever since Jobs died. That can't go on like this for much longer.

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