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October 07, 2013


@ Dirk,

Buy the iPhone 5C, then cover the front camera with tape. Problem solved.

I have a feeling Apple will keep the 4" form around for quite a while. I wouldn't be surprised to see an all-new iPhone based on the 3.5" size, either.

the fingerprint data is going to A7 chip.
besides they probably already have your fingerprint.
You expect your phone to take pictures of you without you noticing??
you might want to throw all your electronics out of the window if you think a front facing camera could seriously affect your privacy.


Buy a Jitterbug.

Don't like where this is going. I won't use a phone with a screen bigger than 4 inches.

I also don't want a phone with fingerprint scanner as long as all this NSA bullshit is going on.

Also I could do without the front facing camera.

I hope Apple will take privacy concerns into consideration moving forward.

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