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October 19, 2013


Not sure if it is exactly the same thing but pretty close to what we have seen before with Apple Mighty Mouse. It was cool but not very practical and I think that's the reason why Apple abandoned the squeezable function in their future mouse design. Maybe squeezable phone will give us much better user experience than squeezable mouse but I doubt it.

Very possible.
but I think this is actual innovation here...
you can handle 5.5 inch screens easily like this.
We haven't seen this yet, it is just a patent.
If google takes a scamsung like approach and puts it in the market it will most probably fail.
If it decides to improve upon it until it is perfect like apple does, and then releases it, it will be a huge success.
The nexus 5 will be interesting.

As a Mechanical Engineer this has disaster written all over it. The elasticity will fail and the material will remain permanently deformed after so many compressive applications.

This makes a lot more sense than samsungs flexible display.
more because they have their patents but haven't rushed it to the market as something 'new' yet.
and more because this has a lot more practical applications than a curved screen.
and more sense because it is google.

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