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A new Korean report this morning revealed that industry insiders acknowledged yesterday that many Samsung Galaxy S3 owners have seen their phone's batteries swollen. S3 phone owners claim that their cell phone turn off when the battery swell due to contact failure and in some cases the rear cover is bent open and unable to close. Most of these customers are experienced the swollen batteries after one year after purchase which is six months after the warranty expired and they're outraged.

The report notes that there have been many questions and claims on the online BBS of Samsung Electronics Service Center about the swelling of the GalaxyS3 battery.


2. Swollen battery problems with Samsung Galaxy S3

One of complaints on Samsung's BBS reads as follows: "I used two batteries made by two different companies in the same environment, but only one product swelled and the cover would not close. I searched the Internet, and learned that many consumers who purchased this cell phone at a similar time are experiencing this problem." In anger the customer stated that "I know that the warranty period for batteries is 6 months, but if only one product swells, it has nothing to do with battery discharge. If it explodes by any chance, it is directly related to consumer safety. Will they continue to ignore it saying that the 6-month warranty period expired?"


Another angry customer stated that "communication was disconnected by force or the phone was powered off, not to mention the smartphone was not recognized."


The etnews report acknowledged that while Samsung has acknowledged the problem by extending the battery warranty to one year, some critics are saying that this measure isn't effective as most who are complaining noted that the swollen battery problems only surfaced after the first year.


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That battery is cheap and easy to replace. Nice to have user replaceable components...

Mr. Mikey, the iPhone doesn't have a replaceable battery. Back to the drawing board you go.

I would blame Apple for this since is is probably their copied design.

Typical Samsung make a product "good enough" for 1 yr and give a warranty for 1 yr and then, after that, you lose! And if you try calling them, good luck Charlie, no sympathy from Samsung, you're on your own!

If you buy your phone from a company that make vacuum cleaners and refrigerators, you canĀ“t expect every part to be developed with years of own R&D. Samesung is organized to mass-produce new phone models to follow every market trend.

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