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In April we pointed out that the Fair Trade Commission opened an investigation into Samsung's dirty trickster tactics of paying part-time workers to use multiple propaganda accounts on the internet to promote Samsung phones and attack products from its rivals. Now some great investigative reporting by Ars Technica's Ron Amadeo shows that Samsung may have "artificially boosted the US Note 3's benchmark scores" with a special, high-power CPU mode that kicks in when the device runs a large number of popular benchmarking apps. Can you believe these guys? Even Apple's VP of Marketing Phil Schiller jumped on his Twitter account to comment on this.

Ars Technica further stated that "Samsung did something similar with the international Galaxy S4's GPU, but this is the first time we've seen the boost on a US device."


Amadeo nailed it when he stated that "The smoking gun here is CPU idle speeds, which can be viewed with a system monitor app while using the phone. The difference is remarkable. In Geekbench's multicore test, the Note 3's benchmark mode gives the device a 20 percent boost over its 'natural' score."


It other words, the dirty trickster is fudging the numbers in their favor over their rivals deliberately. When they can't win, they steal/infringe patents and right-out cheat. 


2. Apple's Phil Schiller's tweet on Samsung caught with false benchmarks

Apple's Phil Schiller Tweeted his thought on this earlier today: "Shenanigans" – and that's being polite. Although it's unethical, it's par for the course for Samsung.


If you have the time, check out Ars Technica's full report.


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The fact that they are getting away with this rubbish is surprising.Are the reduced benchmarks more or less than iPhone 5s??

And android fans will be like "this is fake" or "that is fair, they just clock it at full potential"

I believe they are over clocking their chips as soon as a popular benchmarking app is opened.


How does this company keep doing this and get away with it?

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