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October 10, 2013


Wait, samsung had reliability tests that failed? The fingerprint sensor must have been reallyreallyreally bad.

Samsung should copy anything they think worthwhile and can get away with. Kudos if they do, fools if they don't.

Samsung should copy Apple in another way. Why give Apple free press by talking about a missing they don't have? Apple doesn't comment on features where they're behind one and quietly works on them until its ready.

I have always been impressed that Apple just says no to adding technology to the iPhone and iPad just to have technology! Even when Apple was being shredded for not having NFC, Apple went its own way. Apple never said it would put NFC in an iPhone or iPad just because other companies had NFC. Even if Samsung and/ or LG had gotten their fingerprint sensors working before Apple, would they have had a problem to solve? Using the sensor just to log in is not enough for me. I am enjoying making purchases on my iPhone 5s in iTunes, the App Store and iBookstore.

I am looking forward to seeing HTC's fingerprint offering. What will set it apart from Touch ID? Will its customers be able to just log in or will they be able to make purchases, too? Will it be easy to setup and use? Will it protect fingerprint information securely? I do not recall the Qualcomm Snapdragon microprocessor having a secure enclave that can be used to securely store anything. And, will sleuths around the world rush to crack it as they did Apple?

Anything goes? Well it may seem that way and it extends to what Congress is doing right now - just disregard every rule if you don't like it.

But Apple does have a number of patents and we'll see if Samsung has some originality or not. The point being, of course, that Samsung is a squirming whiner passing the buck for their problems. Copying Apple ... that's just a given.

Samsung can do whatever it wants. There's no point in Samsung being ashamed of copying everything as Apple does it. It's a business. A business is supposed to make money and anything goes.


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