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October 17, 2013


Rick, if hearing aid amplification is not helping you to understand I would look into Cochlear Implants. I lost my hearing progressively over 25 years and the cochlear implant was a life saver. Here is the company website if you want to check them out www.cochlear.com.

I really like this. My mom use to wear hearing aids, but she never really wore them because of all the unwanted noise that she could hear, but didn't want to hear. She was seeing a doctor and got her hearing aids in torontobecause that's where we were at the time.

It's patent pending so it could take awhile. But Apple will make this feature known when it's ready for all countries.

hello people..we know if this mobile phone will come to greece?

Rick - if I'm not mistaken, the ICom does not use the telecoil. It uses a different transmission technology. I thought it used the telecoil but my audiologist checked with Phonak and was informed that it was a different transmission technology.

Amazing works, I like colourful projects. Thanks for sharing

I have a profound hearing loss in both ears, and even with hearing aids I'm not able to understand speech due to the reverberation (at least that what my audiologist told me). I start hearing sounds at about 50-60 decibels and the sounds at the level are just to distorted to understand.

I used to use a device that's call an Icom, which is a T-coil device that's Bluetooth's to a cell phone; however, it too causes too much distortion. It's made by Phonic and I actually felt like when it was connected that I could hear better through it than just listening through my hearing aids.

I would be more than willing to help provide feedback on new technology :-)

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