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October 12, 2013


You have to go the the extremes of comparing a retail job to jobs in the fields or manual labour? That and your description of working at Apple is a "luxury" kind of proves my point. Apple has a unlimited supply of fanbois ready and willing to slave away working for this "luxurious" company.

A bunch of bitches. Working at Apple is a luxury. If you want to be worked to the bone go work in the fields, train yards, or lay pavement in all hours of the day/seasons. That's what I did, and having to wait a little bit of time after work doesn't bother me. Spoiled ass brats.

Didn't we have prior cases with Amazon that ruled this was legal and expected? Even at that I highly doubt the 30 minute claim, and thats going to be a tough one to prove in court.

Good on them, so much rubbish sprouted in comments so far.

Apple is not a good employer, they work you to the bone. Then if you should so much as question "why am I working so hard for so little pay?", they toss you aside and replace you because there is an almost unlimited supply of enthusiastic fanbois ready to take your place... this is the real secret of the Apple Store success story. Apple found a place for those devoted to their religion to work, and then once the euphoria of working for Apple wears off, they are discarded and replaced with a new lemming who dutifully works his arse off like never before for peanuts.

If Apple is found liable, then this would apply to ALL entities with security checks including all courts and many government buildings. Good for the deficit.

It is reasonable for this to be disclosed ahead of employment, but it should not be compensated unless excessive.

Maybe they performed a body cavity search looking for a next gen Nano

@ R Eunson

"The only reason the workers are getting their bag searched anyway is because Apple has had problems with thefts and the employees can't be trusted. They only have themselves to blame."

All employers have problems with theft, but there is a difference between losing a stapler and an unreleased prototype.

From another perspective, this could be considered a theft of time from the employees by the employer. Not only does this seem morally wrong, but, according to the Ninth Circuit (Busk v Integrity) Apple is legally wrong also.
As for travel time, Congress carved an exception from the Fair Labor Standards Act holding that travel time was not compensatable. This has been true for well over half a century.

They want apple to pay them for the time they spend security scanning them??
How did they get hired at apple??
Last I checked apple only hires people who enjoy their work.
I bet this person wants apple to pay for the time it takes to drive to work too.

Agree completely. This type of thinking is most likely why they are no longer employed at Apple. I'd be willing to bet all this was disclosed PRIOR to their employment and they willingly agreed to it.

These are the type of employes that no-one wants. They don't care about their jobs, they clock watch and can't wait to get out of the place at the end of the day. You get paid for working. Are you working when you are getting your bag searched? No, so you don't get paid. The only reason the workers are getting their bag searched anyway is because Apple has had problems with thefts and the employees can't be trusted. They only have themselves to blame. I suppose this guy wants to be paid for the time he drives to work too.

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