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Wow! After only 48 hours of its Public Release, 32% of iOS Devices are now running iOS 7

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The online ad network Chitika is running tabs on the adoption rate of Apple's new iOS 7 on iDevices. The latest tally is 32% of iOS devices are now running iOS 7. In perspective, Google reports that as of the beginning of this month, the adoption of Jelly Bean which was released in July 2012 comprises of about 45% of the Android ecosystem. Apple is likely to crush that adoption rate in just the next few days. Apple's developers have to be thrilled with that kind of adoption rate, because it's stunning. The adoption rate is running well ahead of iOS 6 which crossed the 30% mark in three days. So it would appear that iOS 7 is definitely on track to continue smashing all previous iOS adoption rate records.



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Just don't update Mctube. Auto-update feature is optional. But make sure mctube is compatible with ios7 first...

Jesse Harvey

I am afraid to update to ios7 , because apple might take away cool download features on my mctube app ,

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