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September 07, 2013


Yes Gary, but it wasn't filed under Apple. It was published in Europe under Apple as the assignee which is important.

The original US application, 13/409,615, filed 1st March 2013, was published 5th September 2013 at the USPTO.

I initially thought the same thing regarding wireless charging and NFC after reading the post. Now couple in the rumor from earlier this week of the higher wattage power supply and woop there it is! No new device just wireless charging.

Agreed about the icons. I am looking forward to Tuesday's announcements! Be well!

Hi Odinsdad, I guess we see things differently. I see the new iOS camera icon in the first row of icons on that package as well as the new Video. Reminders, iTunes, Safari and more.

However, that said, you'd think that Apple would be promoting a really brighter background on their packaging. So there could be a fault that you caught there. We'll see on Tuesday.

I've updated the report questioning the packaging design. So thanks for making me take a closer look at the design that made me think about the dark background.


Great article! I do have to question the authenticity of the c-tech image with the metal ring... The image seems to show the iPhone with a IOS 6 style screen layout. I do believe the new phones will ship with IOS 7 pre-installed. Thoughts?

Again, thank you for your hard work!


Nice point on the possible angle to iWatch.

You very astutely picked up on the inductive coupling aspect of this patent "Isn't inductive coupling connected to wireless charging? Is this another twist to this invention?"

How about the possibility that inductive coupling was not intended to recharge the iPhone itself, but to recharge something else from the iPhone which only required a very small about of power ? Maybe something like an iWatch ?

If you have an iPhone, you might well have extra chargers in the car, or at the office. You probably wouldn't want to have additional chargers if you subsequently got an iWatch. It would be wonderfully elegant if an iWatch was able to recharge directly from an iPhone without any leads, adaptors or even an external power supply.

This is the nuclear war Steve Jobs said he was going to wage on Android. This fingerprint tech is the bomb that will be the end of Android. They are not goimg to know what hit them, especially if Apple patents this fingerprint/payment thing water-tight. Where Apple is taking the smartphone market with this, Android and specifically Samsung will not be able to copy and follow.
Read the whole article again and understand the different markets, industries, applications that Apple is indicating it wants to disrupt with this fingerprint, payments, iOS stuff.
I pity all the investors who have their investments tied in Samsung and Google stocks, investors shorting Apple stock, and everyone betting against Apple. Prepare to lose everything you got suckers !

Good article. Can't wait until Tuesday to see it unveiled. I think Apple is about to turn the tide and show the world what innovation is.

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