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A new report out this morning states that Taiwan component makers are expected to enjoy strong revenue growth as Apple is ready to release its new iPhone products. The assembly of the iPhone 5S is handled by Foxconn Electronics, while Pegatron Technology is in charge of 50% of the entry-level iPhone 5C's manufacturing. The report goes on to name the fingerprint scanner/detection system supplier while noting that the iPhone 5C will use Gorilla glass, in-cell technology and a less powerful camera than initially expected.

DigiTimes is confirming this morning that packaging and testing firm Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) is supplying the fingerprint detection system-in-package (SiP) module for the iPhone 5S, while Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and Xintec are also supplying components for the feature, the sources noted. More proof that the fingerprint scanner could very well debut today.


Other iPhone Parts Suppliers


For those who follow the companies that are suppliers for Apple's iPhone, the DigiTimes report provides us with an extensive and comprehensive list as follows:


Taiwan-based pure-play gallium arsenide (GaAs) IC foundry Win Semiconductor also entered into the iPhone supply chain through RF front-end module suppliers Avago Technologies and RFMD. Driver IC packaging and testing house Chipbond is supplying its products for the iPhone 5S through Renesas' panel driver IC, the sources said.


Quartz component maker TXC is mainly supplying its 1612 quartz crystal and tuning fork for the new iPhones and is expected to enjoy a sequential shipment growth of 5-10% in the third quarter.


For optical components, Largan is the main camera module supplier and is supplying the 8-megapixel camera for the iPhone 5S. A surprising note in the report states that the iPhone 5C will only come with a 5-megapixel camera. That's something to watch for because the rumors pegged the iPhone 5C sportinng an 8 megapixel camera and the 5S a 12-megapixel. Hopeuflly we'll see the latter. 


Foxconn Technology is the main chassis supplier of the iPhone 5S. Although Catcher Technology has reportedly landed part of the orders, the maker's shipment volume is unlikely to pick up until 2014. The iPhone 5C's plastic chassis is supplied by US-based Jabil's subsidiary Green Point and Singapore-based Hi-P.


For the flexible printed circuit board (FPCB), Taiwan-based Flexium Interconnect and Zhen Ding Tech have both entered the supply chain with Zhen Ding, the major supplier having a chance to see a sequential shipment growth of 15-20% in the third quarter, the sources pointed out.


Taiwan-based battery makers Simplo Technology and Dynapack have entered the iPhone supply chain for the first time and are sharing the orders with a China-based maker. Plastic injection player Coxon also entered the supply chain, handling the new iPhone's packaging and earphone.


Foxlink reportedly is the main connector supplier of the new iPhones and already started shipping related orders in July.


For the panel and touchscreen components, Japan-based Japan Display and Sharp and Korea-based LG Display are the main suppliers.


Both the iPhone 5S and 5C's 4-inch 326ppi display adopts Corning's Gorilla glass for protection and in-cell touchscreen structure.


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Hi Lizabeth, I'm still hoping to see a 12 MP camera like you are. We'll know soon enough. Cheers!

Damn, that would be unfortunate if it is only 8MP. I understand MP aren't everything but, it seems that all the competing smartphones are in the double digits now. This report is 100% accurate? Guess we'll find out in 6 hours or so.

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