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September 25, 2013


As soon as Samsung got orders to make 64-bit processors they must have scurried on to make one of their own too.
probably no fingerprint scanner but 64-bit processor and slow mo video are very likely.
especially considering slow mo videos have been around for quite a while now..

I think samsung will release a new flexible display soon.
It was showing it off like what an year ago??
just another typical gimmick that only samsung would think of.
but then they need flexible batteries and flexible processors right?

Samsung is trying it's best of course.
But it's best is pretty terrible and it just manages to fill it's phones with terrible software that takes up 7GB of memory and a lot of battery if left on.(also know in the samsung world as "features")
The galaxy gear is basically just a watch with android and a few features of a smartphone.
or rather, a wearable smartphone which is not even half as functional because any smartphone can tell you the time.

Well, thanks for this smart article and your point of view. I don't think that Samsung is ready actually for flex display, certainly in 2015, 2016

I've never read a blog with so full of bias. At least Samsung is trying to make new devices with more new features than annual increments made from Apple. From the touchscreen to the App Store, that was the only major hit that Apple can boast about.

And just as Apple came up with the first touchscreen smartphone, Samsung (not Apple) is the one first with the smart watch that will make noise. All gadgets are subject to upgrades. We'll see what the Apple smart watch has in store for the public.

Finally, it's safe to assume that the 2nd generation Galaxy Gear will be compatible with all smartphones (excluding Apple).

I believe Google did the same with NFC after there were rumors that Apple would be using the tech in upcoming iPhones. So far it's largely been a dud!

Well written! So you think the S5 is going to get finger print scanner, slow mow video, and 64 bit processor?

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