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September 26, 2013


Hi Tranz,

Sometimes Apple will file a patent or trademark in a foreign country so as to keep a key invention or associated marketing brand a secret and out of the limelight until it's time. Sometimes patents are filed in the US under the engineers names so that searches in USPTO's database won't reveal the patents under "Apple." Many times Apple will take assignment in Euro filings first and so we find them there first.


Technically LiquidMetal(TM) is a metallic glass...super-alloy. It has been developed to be stronger and more elastic than titanium, yet, unlike metal, it doesn't have to be cast/forged, or, in the case of aluminum, pressed into sheets, cut and bent into shape, but, it can be injection molded in a process very similar to plastic. I don't know that LiquidMetal is RF transparent. I don't know how soon we would see full backs made of this, but, they could use this instead of steel reinforcement/antenna like in the 5c.

As far as backs of idevices go, like the aluminum/ceramic back on the white/silver iPhone 5/5s, Apple could do a new design integrating these two, as ceramic tends to be RF transparent.

Exactly what does liquid metal do??
The name suggests It allows for flexible hardware ...
but this is apple and it has to be more than that (I guess)

Liquidmetal is radio frequency transparent

You would need windows as the current aluminum backs do.

Why is Apple applying for patents in Europe instead of the US? Do they need to do it both places?

Has anyone been able to confirm if the sim card tray in new 5S is made of liquid metal. BGR reported months ago that the leaked gold sim tray was liquid met

How would signals pass thru liquidmetal? more like plastic or aluminum?

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