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September 18, 2013


Strange, I was thinking something similar, especially with the Apple TV, even before reading this article.

Having a 64bit ARMv8 processor makes sense when you think about 4K television systems and the pulling out of the newly named M7, seems to be more than just trying to save a few cycles of clock power. Imagine the M7, now a separate chip, being installed in headsets, controllers, with the AppleTV unit housing the A7 processor. It doesn't make sense to have the M7 within the TV.

Apple usually ups the power of their chips for the iPad lineup, and it'll be interesting what they do in respect to this, especially with the GPU now split into controller and multiple processor cores for the shader units. This gives the chip the ability to be highly expandable with the cores attached to the controller, an altogether cheaper, and more importantly, expandable, solution to power computing.

Looking at the current benchmark stats for the iPhone 5s, gives you an idea of what a processor with dual cores can do. Double that and add a bunch of extra graphic processing cores and DDR3 fast memory into the mix and I'd bet you'll have an awesome number cruncher.

As for an actual gaming console, or gaming Apple TV, it's a little hard to say. Yes it would be amazing if they did produce something this year for the holiday season and announced it before the main launch days for Microsoft and Sony, but I doubt it'll happen this year.

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