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September 22, 2013


Why isn't Google being investigated for knowingly releasing an OS that is very easily hacked?

This is extraordinarily amazing!

Finger print scanning is not new, it has been around for many years and has been provided by other smartphone and computer companies long before Apple joined the field with its own technology.

I do not recall any other company being scrutinized so much about their decisions to include and implement finger print technology in their devices. Yes, the scrutiny is a sign of the times, but I would like to know if the other companies providing finger print scanners in their devices are being scrutinized as Apple is. If not, why? Why give any other company in this field a free pass while holding Apple accountable?

The same goes for the companies attempting to add finger print technology to their upcoming devices. Will they be scrutinized and have to answer the same, similar and even newer questions about their technologies?

Today there are many, many, many questions to be asked and answered by Apple concerning its new Touch ID technology that comes with iPhone 5s. I hope Apple has carefully and thoroughly thought its way through this mine field and is prepared to not only answer the questions, but is also prepared to lead with its new technology.

Why didn't they investigate Google or Motorola when the fingerprint scanner was used on the Motorola Atrix? Apple certainly isn't the first company to put a biometric sensor on a mobile device. I really does seem rather unfair that Apple always gets singled out as a company when there are other companies doing the same thing.

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