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September 11, 2013


Hi John, thanks for the comment.

I'm not an engineer, John, but Apple has two standing patent applications noting a fingerprint sensor/scanner under the display as noted in the report below:


A company by the name of Pantech has a fingerprint scanner on the backside of their smartphone as noted in the very last graphic of our report noted below:


Apple's use of iBeacon is currently used for AirDrop. It's unclear whether or not iBeacon will be used in relation to Touch ID now or in the future. Apple's patent hints of NFC used in conjunction with wireless charging. I have no idea if iBeacon has a similar capability for such an application.

As to your specific question about iBeacon used for e-commerce applications. A group named ISIS made mention recently that they would work with Apple's NFC alternative technology and so I would take that response as an open door for Apple's use of iBeacon. But this is only an opinion. Until a formal statement from Apple emerges, we're in the dark like you.


So in addition the the tech hurdles and seamless integration into the user experience, is the additional breakthrough the integration through the home button? Since most other smartphones lack this central button, where/how else could a similar feature be integrated? And if a similar function could be integrated into the smartphone's screen, would it be as secure as the iPhone implementation.
Also, do you foresee that this fingerprint authentication will be coupled with ibeacon functionality to facilitate monetary transactions?
Thank you for an interesting read.

"A feature that some may never understand or appreciate"

Well said. Touch ID truly is a masterpiece. Remarkably advanced technology that is remarkably invisible. Touch ID is a true demonstration of Apples unique genius. Apple is the only company that is not only capable of technology like this, but is the only one crazy enough to pursue technology that is so state-of-the-art for the goal of making it invisible.

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