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September 12, 2013


Steve jobs didn't think much of making a mobile phone or a smaller tablet.

Company execs say what they need to say at a particular point in time. The also change their minds.

The digital pen was something that Apple couldn't have done right and therefore downplayed it. Apple, Samsung and Microsoft are all trying to figure out how to give customers the ability to write notes that is equal to pen and pad and no one has delivered that yet. If Apple ever does, they'll say that they've "revolutionized" the digital pen.

So much of what execs say is just their marketing position at any given point in time. It's not engraved in stone.

Isn't using pens against Steve Jobs motives?
He introduced the first iPhone saying it was stylus free.
"God gave us 10 styluses.Why do we need more?"
-Steve jobs

Apple has a great number of patent pending smart pen designs as you can check out in our archives link below.


Most of the pen designs are a giant leap from Samsung's past and present design. Yet until Apple unveils a smart pen, I wouldn't be thinking of lawsuits of any kind.

Samsung released the s pen for the note 3. Is this similar to that? If yes then if it is released in an apple product does apple have rights to sue samsung or is it the other way round??

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